CLASS 4 & Class 5 hosted Softswitch solution API driven platform allows for full intigration within a carrier class network

Flexible Routing Tools

Sippy Switch has some of the most dynamic and flexible routing options. Routing options can be imposed individually, or nested to provide even more routing options. The Sippy "Test Dialplan" tool provides the ability to verify Dialplans work according to the routing policies.

  • Unlimited Supplier (Vendor) Connections

  • Adaptive Routing based on ASR/ACD

  • Profit / Loss Protection (Margin based Routing)

  • DNCL Supported - Black List, Block List, Do-not call list

Trusted, Secure, Reliable & Scalable

The most secure, scalable, flexible, and voice technology solutions delivered to global Mobile, MVNO, and Fixed Line Operators; Wholesalers, Call Centers, and Retail/Enterprise SIP solution providers. WebRTC technology allows for an overall better call experience over web.

  • Sippy WebRTC Switch V6.0

    Sippy Switch new user interface allows user's to manage Sippy more easily.

  • WebRTC Based Web Phone

    Web phone is seamlessly integrated into Sippy admin & customer web interface.

  • Sippy Mobile Dialers

    Sippy Mobile dialer works with Android and IOS to make calls over the Internet.

Sippy WebRTC Switch V6.0

WebRTC Based Web Phone

Sippy Mobile Dialers

No Match & Unbeatable Features

Enterprise Grade Infastructure


One Time License Purchase

License can be installed on your server. Please note! SippySwitch default web interface will be installed with this license.

Purchase for $999

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